About soulful communication

The concept of the soul varies from culture to culture and is typically associated with the unseen essence of a thing.

The Mormon concept of the soul deviates radically from most Christian versions and more closely resembles the Eastern idea of a mind-body-spirit union. Founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith recorded a revelation that sums this up succinctly as follows: “And the spirit and the body are the soul of man” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:15).

The significance of this doctrine is further unfolded in the implications of a soulful resurrection – glorified body and spirit reuniting after life. The body becomes a gift rather than a burden, something to find joy in rather than simply a temporary prison of sinful desires. And something that will be restored individually and uniquely to all mankind after death.

But for true believers of many faith traditions as well as non believers there can be rich significance beyond the idea of a hope in a soulful (physical/spiritual) after life. There is experiencing relational soulfulness in the here and now.

This blog is an attempt to organize and discover expressed ways of relating with ourselves, others, and our worlds with the whole soul.

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